SOLUTIONS & Services


Watsoo provides a complete range of supply chain solutions to diverse industry verticals; from ecommerce to courier, to automobile, to apparels...  More


Watsoo provides goods transportation services based on multi-modal transportation solutions. Our transportation model is decided on three factors... More


The Goods Distribution Services and Local Goods Distribution are the result of strategic flow-through warehousing and route planning to maximize...  More

Order Management

Retailers and brands have ultimately recognized that different companies need different solutions. Today's biggest challenge for...  More

Risk Management

Risks related to cost, fleet-safety, claims administration, hiring and retention of drivers and compliances and regulations are always...  More

Warehouse Establishment

Watsoo Express is an emerging service provider in the warehouse construction business. Equipped with the modern mechanical equipments...  More

Express Cargo Solutions

Express Cargo delivery is one of the premium segments in the logistics industry in India. No doubt it's also an integral part of country‚Äôs progress...  More