Transportation & Logistics Risk Management

Risks related to cost, fleet-safety, claims administration, hiring and retention of drivers and compliances and regulations are always associated with road transportation industry. Failing even at single thing may significantly impact the financial and operational health of a transportation business and of course the clients.

Specialization & Knowledge

At Watsoo we provide a full range of services and solutions addressing the particular challenge of the road transportation industry of today. We have emerged as one of the foremost providers of risk management services to clients from across the country. We are solely dedicated to improve client program and cost of risk for motor carriers and commercial additional transportation companies. We specialize in all key segments of road transportation industry such as last-mile delivery, courier and delivery service fleets.

Experience Backed Solutions

We have experts to provide clients with complete program analysis, marketing, safety along with loss prevention and claims management. Over the time, Watsoo has developed strong relationship with insurance market which specializes in road transportation industry.