Serving with the largest and most efficient distribution networks

The Goods Distribution Services and Local Goods Distribution are the result of strategic flow-through warehousing and route planning to maximize distribution and increase efficiency in your supply-chain. We engineered our solutions to meet your requirements, providing your business with maximum flexibility and agility in responding to the changing market demands. We also offer Door to Door Distribution Services to the consumer.

Watsoo provides a complete range of supply chain solutions to diverse industry verticals; from ecommerce to courier, to automobile, to apparels, to electronic items & mobiles, to consumer packaged goods and many more.

We offer customized supply chain solutions which include freight forwarding, customs clearance and transportation of goods. Watsoo has rapidly become a well known company for providing efficient, innovative cost saving supply chain solutions for the management of freights all over India.

  • Strategical planning of the warehouse within dedicated or shared warehouse facilities
  • Capability to expand and handle operations across India
  • Reduction in any sort of claims and inventory decline because of focused loss prevention strategies during loading and at delivery-point
  • Both inbound and outbound scannings to make sure accuracy and integrity of a shipment
  • Capability for rapid transfer of information for each shipment