Air Express

We are a specialist in handling whatever and wherever you need to send via Air Express ways.

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With a skilled team, Watsoo Express is readily instrumental in providing high-quality Air Express Services. To add, due to our rapidity, flexibility and timely execution, these services are high in demand in the industry.

Air Express is one of our domestic Premium products which helps the client to get the shipment across the country on time from major airports in India. Watsoo Express provides next day Delivery to all major cities having airports with multiple airline connections. We have multiple options under Air Express category viz.

The booking options is available through direct contact with our customer service or sales team, we facilitate the booking options through online portal and our Watsoo Express App as well.

Air Express Solutions

We have built an extensive partnership with the nationwide air cargo carriers to provide our clients’ businesses with true flexibility meeting the changing needs of their markets. We are an emerging freight forwarding company with our dedicated team of experts who own the proven skill in delivering clients’ goods every corner of the India.