Building The New India

Delivering the best in class Services & Technology


Watsoo is an emerging logistics services provider and management company based in Gurugram, Haryana, an NCR city of the state of Delhi. We at Watsoo Express profoundly understand the complex requirements of logistics process. Luckily, we possess everything, from professionalism to proficiency and from expertise to equipments, in order to successfully deliver goods of clients across different destinations in India.

So far we have shipped thousands of consignments through roads, across all major cities in India. Our clientele benefits from our services and solutions as well as from the fleet of more than 1000 transportation vehicles mainly formed of light to heavy trucks.

With one of the most professional staffs of logistics industries, we are capable of delivering the best-in-class services at each of our clients. We own the best transportation management system and ensure that every transportation moving is well-optimized along with meeting the exact requirements of clients. We take pride in our accurate and consistent service delivery offering.


Our key mission is to meet customers requirement for both personal and professional services by providing innovative solutions for road transportation along with certain specialized services.


With goal oriented vision, we know where exactly we have to head and how we are going to get there. As an emerging company, we will continue to develop our position to turn out to be a leader in Indian transportation and logistics market.